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Paw-prints pattern



We love Lilly's Mobile Grooming... She has been our groomer for years...She is like family to us.... She groomed my first Chow Chow "Rj" for years before he passed away... Now I have another Chow Chow "Teddy B" who she now has been grooming for the past 2 years. She is wonderful with both of my Chows.... She also has Teddy looking so handsome at the end of each spa day. Teddy is a handful and more at times but she is so kind, patient, and loving with Teddy always. A lot of people wouldn't groom Teddy because of the stigma attached to Chows being mean and aggressive. But Laura took a chance with both of my Chows and there is no one else I trust to groom Teddy but Laura. I highly suggest her services. You won't be disappointed.

Kristen Shaw

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